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Hear Marc's story about how he lost 47 pounds in five weeks and saw his body fat percentage go from 37% to 23% on the Healthy Lifestyles Weight Loss Program.

Hear the story of Becky who committed so much to her health care plan that she drove in from another state to be treated for back problems when options closer to home failed her.

Hear the story of Trevor who was involved in a car accident and credits the Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment as the procedure "that changed everything" and gave him 100% improvement:

"Prather Wellness Center has truly been a gift in our family's lives.   We love the fact that it is a total wellness facility.   Dr. Prather has so much knowledge and experience along with all the diagnostics that he can really pinpoint where the problem is.  One example is that our daughter would get a hacking cough constantly and had dark rings under her eyes.  From seeing Dr. Prather, we were able to find out that she had multiple food allergies.  Once we changed her diet, she completely turned around and now has rosy cheeks and the cough is gone.   So many others have noticed the change in her also.  It is truly amazing!

From strep throat to allergies to disc problems, we have been helped by the Prather Wellness Center.  We appreciate the care and treatment we get at the Prather Wellness Center.  It is wonderful to find a place where each person in our family can go and get treated for all of our health care needs!"  - Sheryl

"When I reported to Prather Wellness Center, I had tendinitis in my forearms, tingling and loss of sensation in my hands and feet, body aches, chronic fatigue, and an inability to play piano (I am currently working on a Bachelor's in Music in Piano), because it caused me so much pain in my forearms.  This went on for about nine months and I was unable to play the piano.  At the worst of my condition, I could not even open jars or turn door knobs because it caused so much pain in my forearms.

I went to a hand specialist and he gave me anti-inflammatories and physical therapy, but I still could not play the piano and still had much pain, so he referred me to a vascular surgeon who was going to remove my top rib, but sent me to a neurologist first who could not find anything wrong; not carpal tunnel or MS.  Still I could not continue with my piano degree.

Dr. Prather discovered that I had pinched nerves in my neck causing the pain in my forearms and preventing my arms to heal themselves.  He also found pinched nerves in my lower back and a bacterial infection in my nervous system that was causing the loss of feeling in my feet, my body aches, weakness, and chronic fatigue.  He has since then treated me with adjustments ( for the pinches nerves) and homeopathic/nutritional remedies (for the bacterial infection) and now I am able to play the piano again and nave energy again and I feel better than I have felt in my life.

Thank you so much, Dr. Prather, for finding out what was wrong with me and treating me so effectively!  I enjoyed the good "bedside manner" of your staff as well!  I probably would not be able to play the piano today without your help and I certainly wouldn't have been able to go to Vienna last semester in my previous condition.  You've been a great blessing to me!"  - Travis

"I had a protruding disc in the upper/mid back region due to an automobile accident two years ago.  Prior treatments consisted of deep tissue massage therapy, which helped relieve pain temporarily.  I had two epidurals three months apart, but they only masked the pain.  At my first visit to Prather Wellness Center I was in constant pain.  I had problems sitting for any period of time.  My job requires travel and sitting at a computer, and both were difficult to perform.  I was unable to push or pull objects any; lifting was impossible without severe pain to my back.  Over three months, I have been taught to exercise which strengthened muscles and stretching relieves discomfort.  I have very little pain now and seldom think about my back.  I ride or drive long distances without much difficulty.  I can work full days again.  I have been amazed and thankful that in three months I am able to go through my day without back pain!"-Alice

"As a product of traditional medicine I came by my skepticism honestly, I am a college educated registered nurse who practiced in a hospital setting for 36 years.  My husband, a long time satisfied patient of Dr. Prather's, tried in vain to persuade me to make an appointment with Dr. Prather, which I did (after 4 years of seeking relief for my multitude of medical problems.  One doctor described me as a "train wreck").  I had no where else to seek relief.  Some people are slow to see the light!  I suffer from Parkinson's disease and Fibromyalgia (which was first diagnosed by Dr. Prather); Dr. Prather has helped relieve the pain and tightness in my neck, shoulders, and back.  I still seek support from my medical doctors, I but I always consult with Dr. Prather." - Cheryl

"My daughter had a skin rash that would come and go without any reason that we could figure out.  It would last weeks to months at a time.  The severity was her inability to stop scratching of which we were fearful it would turn into scars.  She was extremely uncomfortable and a bear to live with as we couldn't help her.  We had gone to our family doctor, infection control, and an allergist before Dr. Prather and no one was able to explain or help her with the exception of Dr. Prather.

We have had one small return of a skin rash, but it didn't last long (don't know why) but we were able to use up the rest of the medicine Dr. Prather had prescribed that might have helped.  Dr. Prather and his staff were very friendly and helpful.  Dr. Prather was very knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions and concerns."- Vicki

"In 1995 a friend from church recommended me to call Dr. Prather for treatment for some back and neck pain that I had been experiencing for many years.  My discouragement with this age-driven problem had led me previously to an orthopedic surgeon who described the situation as "early arthritis" and said an operation was an option when the problem got worse.  This was not an acceptable solution for me.  My neck and shoulders were especially aggravated by any strenuous upper body work, even carrying luggage or an activity such as swimming during a vacation brought on extreme discomfort.  Any type of weight lifting would cause pleurisy, which was a problem I had back in my college days.

Dr. Prather used Atlas Orthogonal on me, which gave an immediate improvement even after my first appointment.  After several treatments, including some back adjustments, my body now has successfully been able to hold these adjustments.  This has allowed me a greater range of motion and more strenuous activity for many years now, plus new energy and hope for living each day to its fullest - without pain.

In more recent years, I have had Dr. Prather check out my general health with periodic blood and EDS tests, looking at my constitution as to what might be future potential health concerns.  It is so reassuring and a great blessing to find and have a doctor like Dr. Prather, who God has given great wisdom and knowledge to diagnose and offer optimum health and total well being." - Steve

"I first came to Meridian Health and Wellness, because I was searching the Yellow Pages for somewhere in Indianapolis that may offer craniosacral massage.  For 3 months I had suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia – a horrible nerve pain that feels like a tooth abscess with additional jolting electrical nerve pain - I first went to my dentist with my symptoms. He is actually the one who thought it might be “trigeminal neuralgia” a term I was unfamiliar with until then. I actually did have some dental work done (replaced silver fillings thinking there may be some decay which would be causing the pain in my lower jaw).  Much to my dismay the pain returned almost as soon as the dental anesthesia wore off that day. Since I had just moved to the Indianapolis area, I opened the Yellow Pages thinking I may need craniosacral massage (because when the pain in my jaw started I had also started having a deep “catch” pain in the right side of my neck. While I was on hold when the receptionist was trying to figure out if they did craniosacral massage, I heard a recording about “atlas orthogonal adjustment”…THAT sounded like exactly what I needed!  So I made an appointment and, as they say, the rest is history. From the first adjustment (Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment) my neck felt 80% better; I had an increased range of motion (and hadn’t really realized I was limited before the adjustment). 

A very concentrated treatment program was initiated and at the end of 2 weeks, 90% of my symptoms were gone. Another side effect of the Trigeminal Neuralgia that had also started was TMJ on the same right side. After the first 2 weeks, I was given homeopathic medicine to take in conjunction with my adjustments, acupuncture and auricular treatments. At the end of 3 weeks I was only feeling an occasional “jolt” and the TMJ was completely gone! 

Unfortunately at that time I had an out of town trip planned and it turned out that I had also run out of the drops during that time also. I went 2 weeks without treatments or homeopathic drops. By the time I returned at the end of 2 weeks the intensity of the electrical jolts were back in full force. By the 2nd day of treatments, the symptoms were again reduced by 80%. 

It is now the end of the 2nd week of being consistent with the treatments, drops and physical therapy.  I now only get an occasional burning in the center of my cheek maybe once in a 24 hour period. I have heard of other people that have this condition and the treatment of choice in the more traditional medical world seems to be a nerve resection, which has the potential for very unpleasant side effects.

I think my biggest testimony of what I want to say is that as a Registered Nurse, I honestly don’t fully understand all the methods that are being used here. What I do know for sure is that in my case they work!  It’s sort of like a heart – I can tell you all about the mechanical and electrical function of the heart; but when it comes to “matters of the heart” – that is something that is beyond understanding and explaining in tangible terms."



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