Does your Indianapolis-area organization need a speaker for your event?  Learning how to get healthy--and stay healthy--is important to everyone.  Dr. Robert Prather is a dynamic and exciting speaker who can empower audiences with information that can help them take control of their health and wellness.  He is the host of "The Voice of Health"--the longest-running and most-listened to radio talk show on health and wellness in the Indianapolis market. 

Dr. Robert Prather has been serving patients for over 20 years.  He has seen individuals from all over the world and has helped thousands regain their health and improve their quality of life.  His mission is "Restoring Hope" to his patients, and he enjoys bringing that same message to audiences.  At your event, Dr. Prather can address virtually any health topic tailored to the needs of your organization.  Some of his audience-favorite topics include:
  • "The 8 Pillars of Perfect Health"  Dr. Prather has built his entire practice around 8 areas where our bodies must be in homeostasis (or balance) to achieve perfect health.  Learn what those 8 things are and how you can achieve perfect health.
  • "One of The Most Important Things You Can Do For Your Health"   Television personality Montel Williams called it "the greatest thing to ever happen to me" after it relieved his symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  He was referring to the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustment--a painless, safe, precise, and gentle adjustment of the very top vertebrae in your spine.  It can help your body to work better no matter what health problem you may have.  Learn more about this treatment from Dr. Prather, who is the only board-certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana.
  • "The Structure/Function Approach to Cardiovascular Disease"  Cardiovascular Disease is the #1 killer of Americans.  The chiropractic discipline focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the vertebral column ), function (coordinated by the nervous system), and how the relationship between the two affects health.  Learn how the Structure/Function approach provides a non-invasive, effective approach to Cardiovascular Disease. 

In addition to his radio show, Dr. Prather hosts regular seminars at The Prather Wellness Center as he believes the very definition of doctor is "teacher".  He delights in educating his patients and the general public about how they can improve their health.

You can learn more about Dr. Robert Prather by reading his full biography here

If you'd like to schedule Dr. Prather as a speaker for your event, please call The Prather Wellness Center at 317-848-8048 or e-mail us at .


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