As heard on The Voice of Health radio show, ForceLean Diet and Natura Diet are all-natural weight-loss supplements from American  Nutriceuticals.


ForceLean Diet

A unique weight loss formula.

*Increase Lean Muscle Mass while losing body fat

*All Natural Appetite Suppressant

*Provides lasting energy without the "crash"

ForceLean Diet is a unique weight loss supplement.  Unlike dangerous fat blockers, ForceLean Diet works by helping you increase lean body mass while regulating your metabolism and burning fat.  The unique formula contains Forksolin, Velvet Bean, and Gurana.  The Forskolin is an herb used in ayruvedic medicine for many years to increase the amount of cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate) in the cells by activating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase.  Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is literally indispensable in supporting many biochemical reactions and biological functions in the body; especially the functions that contribute to building up lean body mass at the expense of excessive body fat.  The Velvet Bean is an ingredient that is known from studies to increase lean muscle mass by building hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.  The beans also contain powerful antioxidants, minerals, and are high in protein and fiber.  The Gurana (Paullinia Cupana) is a vital component in ForceLean, which supports appetite suppression and provides an energetic effect.  Developed by Dr. Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD. this weight loss product delivers immediate weight loss results without using unsafe stimulants found in Ephedrine based products!


Natura Diet

An all natural aid in weight loss.

*Regulates blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance

*Unique Weight loss product without unpleasant side effects

*Curbs your appetite naturally

Natura Diet is an all natural, healthy weight loss supplement made with all natural ingredients. Created by world winning physicist, Dr. Aharon Friedman, Natura Diet has shown to reduce appetite and increase energy and lean body mass without the unpleasant side effects associated with most dietary supplements. Along with those seeking to lose weight, Natura Diet also offers nutritional support for those with diabetes.

Natura Diet contains generous portions of high quality and expensive ingredients in our proprietary blend of herbs. Years have been spent carefully studying the metabolic pathways and testing to get the right mix that will best help you control your weight and manage your appetite in a completely safe way. Key ingredients used:


*Naturatrol is a proprietary blend of herbs and minerals. Tribes in the Amazon, hunters in Africa , as well as Chinese medicine men, to assist in regulating blood sugar and suppressing appetite, traditionally use some of its ingredients.

*Gymnema: helps lower blood sugar.

*Mamordica: helps you control blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance.

*Fenugreek: helps reduce cholesterol, and helps prolong sugar absorption in your intestines. You get sugar mostly from your intestines, not your stomach.

*Hoodia: Helps suppress appetite.

*Vanadyl sulfate, chromium, and magnesium are all minerals that help the proper functioning of the pancreas and liver.


To learn more about ForceLean Diet and Natura Diet and how The Prather Wellness Center can help you achieve your weight loss goals, call The Prather Wellness Center at 317-848-8048.


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